So I’m  having a little success selling my clothes on etsy and ebay.  This is exciting as I’m using whatever money I make to fund my camper renovation.  If you’re interested you can check out my collection of vintage clothes at etsy:

You can view other clothes at ebay:

I will be adding other things as I find time like jewelry and books.  This is wonderful as it generates a little income as well as helping me reduce belongings.

I only actually wear about five things, seriously!  Why do I need all the stuff?  I have really been getting into decluttering.  It feels so liberating.  I don’t realistically think I could live day-to-day in a tiny house with three kids, but I want to strive to live a more simple life.  I want my belongings to be useful.  Ultimately my goal is to live in a small, efficient, organized, warm and bright home situated in a field with a lot of privacy.

So I’m considering renting my tiny house for the summer, currently it’s located in our side yard in town.  I would rather move it to my land, but I think it makes a lot more sense to use it to help generate income.  It doesn’t have plumbing, but it is wired and insulated.  I think I would have fun getting it set up to rent, it would more rustic than “hilton”.  I found this:


I could set up a outdoor shower easily and how nice to actually get a hot shower outside!  At $119.95 it would pay for itself with just two nights of renting.  The item I need the most in order to have satisfied renters would be a COMFORTABLE sleeper-sofa.  I’m scouring craiglist but coming up empty-handed.

Other than that I have little on my mind today!  A day off from school for the kids so a lot of bickering today.  More dreaming of warmer days. Looking forward to my evening wine.  It’s the simple things I have to look forward to.