“A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body.”

Benjamin Franklin

This has been a difficult winter for me.  The ever increasing mountains of snow leave me with nothing else but my thoughts.  I have been lost in my thoughts,  my future and what it holds, with it the desperate hope for happiness and joy.  I don’t want to sit idly as a passenger on this journey anymore.  I want to take charge of my happiness and get out from under this depressive fog.

I have spent far too much energy on obsessing over what I see missing in my life, the perceived obstacles of true happiness, true contentment.  I have missed the obvious.

I would love to have the means to own a beautiful passive solar home on 10 or more acres of open mature pasture with fruit trees and mountain views.  I would love a supportive partner who shared this goal.  I would love to ride a pink unicorn who sprouted wings and soared high above the mountains tops into the wispy clouds.

What I actually have is a lovely 3 acre field on a country road, a vintage camper and a dream.

I just step out and begin walking, exactly where I am.  This is where you’ve found me, my first step.